Gift Guide Series: All About Kids

We're all kids at heart and Christmas tends to bring out that side of everyone. It's a time of year to share stories and create memories that'll last a lifetime. This year has been a tough year for many and especially for kids who just don't have the comprehension to understand what is going on. I'm sure parents have gone through just about every toy aisle in the store trying to find something to keep their kids occupied being home during the quarantine.

On this fourth day of the Gift Guide Series, I kept that in mind. I found things that'll help entertain not just the kids but the parents as well. Crafts and materials that'll help express creativity and items that'll be useful not just for backyard play but also for future camping or vacation trips! Expand your knowledge and have thoughtful conversations with the amazing National Geographic Kids Collection! I featured my favorite book as #7!

Don't forget to check out the other categories that have been featured!

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