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The Most Important Fifth Sense

Ahh,  the five senses we are blessed to have: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Each of these sensing organs has a role to play. They not only heighten our ability to enjoy life but they send the information to the brain to help us understand and distinguish the world around us. I want to focus on the most important of the five senses. Can you guess what it is? It’s smell! Think back to your childhood for a moment. Close your eyes and picture mom cooking your favorite dinner in the kitchen. Is your mouth starting to water? Are you getting hungry? Are you picking up your phone to call home and ask mom if this weekend you can swing by for dinner? It’s incredible the information we retain from the molecules we once inhaled. Of course, not all substances are as delicious as your favorite meal. The world has its share of some pretty “icky” fragrances too. Dirty laundry, kitchen trash can, that musty coat from winter storage. You get the idea. Whether it’s a lingering odo

A Diamond In The Rough

We all have those days, nights, or weeks that seem like the light at the end of the tunnel is just a speck. Let me tell you, it’s ok! As much as we (as humans) would like to be in control all the time, we have to find a happy and healthy median between the chaos and beauty of life.  In today's society, you may feel like there's a heavyweight on your shoulders. You're not alone! We're easily overwhelmed by the nature of which our daily lives have taken. We have schedules, deadlines, jobs, kids, pets, elderly family to care for, bills, and an excessive amount, of what I like to call "junk", that we tend to carry on our shoulders. This constant stress engulfs our ability to function productively, thus, creating feelings of defeat and worthlessness. But what if I told you there are three keys that'll help unlock the straightforward constructs of life. Question. Do you know the process and how long it takes a natural diamond to form? In brief, it takes