The Most Important Fifth Sense

Ahh, the five senses we are blessed to have: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Each of these sensing organs has a role to play. They not only heighten our ability to enjoy life but they send the information to the brain to help us understand and distinguish the world around us.

I want to focus on the most important of the five senses. Can you guess what it is? It’s smell! Think back to your childhood for a moment. Close your eyes and picture mom cooking your favorite dinner in the kitchen. Is your mouth starting to water? Are you getting hungry? Are you picking up your phone to call home and ask mom if this weekend you can swing by for dinner? It’s incredible the information we retain from the molecules we once inhaled.

Of course, not all substances are as delicious as your favorite meal. The world has its share of some pretty “icky” fragrances too. Dirty laundry, kitchen trash can, that musty coat from winter storage. You get the idea. Whether it’s a lingering odor or just an unpleasant one, we all crave that fresh citrus aroma or warmed spice to put a smile on our faces.

What do you use to freshen up the atmosphere of your home? With so many options from sprays and wall plug-ins, to candles or wax melts, and we can’t forget the good old fashion potpourri, there is something for everyone. I personally have spent a pretty penny on those wallflower plug-ins and expensive candles in hopes that it’ll do the trick to keep my home inviting. To be honest, though, research on the chemicals and the soot the candles still produced, even though they were “high-quality”, was just not worth my health.

With our capability to sense and detect about a trillion different smells, I wanted something that I knew would be pure and healthier for everyday use. So I switched to essential oils. Yes, I’m on the bandwagon and I’m never going back! The endless possibilities for use was a major buying point. I did a lot of research when it came down to these bottles of absolute awesomeness, as there are many brands and companies that produce and distribute. The brand I fell in love with and suited my needs is, DoTerra!

DoTerra essential oils are high-quality, pure, natural, and safe to use. They are not heavily contaminated or adulterated with synthetic chemicals. Pure oils are third-party tested and when they pass, they are labeled as CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. You can even check the quality by the ID located on the bottom of each bottle!

Ways to use DoTerra essential oils:
  • Topically with a carrier oil (do a patch test for sensitivity)
  • Diffuse them aromatically
  • Ingesting a DoTerra supplement (seek medical approval first)
  • Making your own veggie capsule (with a safe for internal use oils only)
  • Cooking
  • Adding them to your laundry cycle
  • DIY soap bars
  • Adding them to lotions
  • Making your own fragranced shampoo/body wash
  • Using as a personal fragrance
Or simply apply a drop to your hands and inhale. The list of possibilities is endless! My current favorites this summer have been Citrus Bliss and of course lemon!

Let me know in the comments below if you use essential oils! How do you use them and how do they help you? Don’t forget to share your favorite essential oil recipe!

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