Confidence is Sexy! 6 Habits to Boost Your Confidence

 The internet is a wonderful tool! Over the last two decades, it has exploded with information. You can shop for just about anything and everything you need without even having to leave your house. After the year we just had I''m thankful for the convenience. The incredible volume of knowledge, tips, products, and resources at our disposal doesn’t even expose the depth of the iceberg. With a little research, you will find that most of the material is great. Although, from time to time, you’ll come across something you can call total BS on.

A hot topic of discussion for decades has been about how to boost our confidence. And why not, confidence is sexy! Today I’m going to share with you how I found my inner lioness and how you can too! Why stay “caged up” when you can be free and feel confident in your everyday life.

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Affirmations. Affirmations!

Words hold power and energy! They can be so influential that they can break hearts or calm a crying baby. That same influence goes for when you speak to yourself. You can either tear yourself down or build yourself up! It takes a whole new strength to speak over yourself. To hear your own voice declare positive statements out loud can feel uncomfortable at first but you'll get the hang of it! It is important to note that when you speak, really listen and let the words soak in. You are unique! You are amazing! You are strong, successful, and an overcomer! Customize your affirmations to make them more personal.

Be Kind

Just because we are fierce doesn’t give us permission to be rude. This is something I see a lot of. We all know the saying, “Kill them with kindness.” Well, I’m here to tell you it’s true! I can’t count how many times this was a silent backhand. Haha! When you are kind to yourself and kind to others, you start to radiate confidence! And when you shine, your brightness will shine a light on the ugliness of some of those around you.

Wear Joy

Yes! Wear it! Try that new eye shadow, bold lip color, or that fresh new hair color. So often we shop, in-store or online, and see something cute but we don’t buy it. Why? I’ve been guilty of this myself. Either, I don’t think that color will work for me or I don't like the size I have to wear. Negative self-talk is a self-sabotaging, nasty habit. One we need to stop doing to ourselves. Browse Pinterest for inspiration, create a board, find your style and go for it! Remember, size is just a number and who cares what people think of it. All that matters is that you feel joy. This brings me to my next habit!

Forget the Comments

People are always going to have an opinion and you can’t control that. What you can control 100% is how you respond. This is why saying your affirmations every day comes in handy! Know who you are and push out all the negativity trying to dampen your sparkle. With practice and time, it’ll become easier. Chances are, the commenter just hasn’t found their worth yet and they are lashing out because they see and want the boldness you have. Still, remember to be kind though!


The way you carry yourself can say a lot about you. Having good posture, meaning shoulders back, chin parallel to the ground, and being alert, says that you are self-assured. Whereas, slouched shoulders, chin down and your face buried in your phone trying to go unnoticed portrays you're unassertive. I want you to test something. Go find a full-length mirror in your house and do what I call the “Hero Pose”. The way you do this is, you stand with your feet shoulders width apart, your hands on your hips, and your chin parallel to the ground. Picture yourself like a comic book hero! I know it may sound silly, and it may feel silly, but feel the impact it has. Try doing this every morning in the mirror while doing your affirmations. Game changer!

Try Something New

What have you been holding off on doing for whatever reason? What do you feel will help boost your confidence? I tried the traditional gyms for years. It was ok but I always felt like a “newbie”. Years ago, I tried boxing and loved it, but I can't invest in the home equipment just yet. More recently, I was offered the opportunity to start learning jiu-jitsu with a short free trial. I instantly fell in love! I felt empowered, confident, and excited to workout. It’s everything I was looking for and more. Its forever useful tools and philosophy can be applied to everyday life. Not to mention, it is genuinely fun! So now, every week I attend a Zoom class with other women. I encourage you to try something new. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, explore and give yourself grace! Always remember the adventure in itself is confidence building. You won’t know how something will make you feel until you try!

With these 6 empowering habits to boost your self-confidence, you’re bound to find your inner lioness and be bolder than you’ve ever been before. Practice makes progress and you’ll start to see a difference in the way you feel soon. Keeping an evening journal has definitely helped me keep track of my progress, see areas I can work on, and make notes. The one I recommend is this 90-Day Self-Care: Day and Night Journal. All my best! Continue to live your best damn good life!

Let me know in the comments below, which habit stood out to you that you’re going to start focusing on.

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  1. Love this! Affirmations are everything :) I try to be kind & not be too hard on myself - love the idea of wearing a new eyeshadow or hairstyle. Maybe I'll try that when we can see people again xx

    1. Get ready for you now. No need to wait. One thing I've learned is time keeps ticking. In a week or a year we'll look back and realize we should have just lived happily back then too. Go for it! I just did my first quarantine haircut at home-haha! I love it!

  2. LOVE THIS! Yes... this vibe is exactly what we need. I have started doing affirmations recently actually and am feeling a difference in myself :D

    1. That's amazing! I'll be honest, I felt silly at first but now it's hard to go a day without them. The best part, we can update them as life changes or presents challenges! Keep it up! You're amazing!


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