5 Easy Ways To De-Stress Right Now

From time to time, we all have those moments that call for a deep sigh to release tension. Most of us recognize stress when we feel it. That overwhelmed state of mind causes our body to flood our system with hormones, predominantly adrenaline, and cortisol. While this incredible sense of “super-power” can allow us to respond to an emergency, it’s not something you need to feel on a regular basis.

Can I confess something? I was living like this by default! I still find myself experiencing the tightened muscles, the heart-pounding, the frenzied feeling, and the occasional migraine. Being mindful, of course, has helped me to shorten the effects stress brings about and it enables me to then focus my energy on something productive.

 So without further ado, these 5 tips are my go-to:

1. Turn Off All Electronics!

Yes, that means the t.v., tablet, computer, your phone. Pretty much anything with a screen. There’s no need to add to the already sense of frustration, exhaustion, and, well, stress. That recent post on social media can wait. The breaking news will still be news. Lastly, the all too familiar sound of “the whistle” from a text or “ding” of a new email will not magically disappear. Once I started redirecting energy from mindlessly scrolling or surfing for new episodes I quickly found out how much time I was wasting. In all honesty, half the time now, I forget where my phone is-haha!

2. Essential Oils or Favorite Candle

With the increasing popularity of essential oils, it’s not difficult to find them online or at your favorite store. When it comes to brands my personal favorite is DoTerra. They are 100% therapeutic grade and I love to make my own blends. Since I use a diffuser, I can’t remember the last time I bought a candle but you can easily DIY a clean burn candle using essential oils. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in a post of that nature!

3. Deep Breathing Meditation

The practice of deep breathing meditation dates back thousands of years. Many studies have shown and proven the benefits of incorporating this exercise as it: lowers blood pressure, increases energy, stimulates the lymphatic system, relieves tension and pain and so many more phenomenal advantages. You can’t go wrong.

4. Get Up and Stretch!

Now stimulate some blood flow. Move around. The average lifespan is just under 80 years. Using that number, of those years a mind-blowing 26 years will be spent laying in bed asleep. Another surprising 7 years trying to get to sleep! Add in the amount of time we sit to eat, drive, work, watch t.v., browse social media, we’re talking approximately 29 more years. The math= an astonishing ~61years! Which leaves us with roughly 19 years for school, socializing, vacation, exercise, romance, and everything in between. Crazy right?!

5. Good Book

There is nothing like a hardcover and the smell of crisp pages from a book. I’m a book nerd. I could cozy up with a cup of tea and just zone out and hone in on the wonderful imagery that comes from reading. Have you ever tried to think of two things at once? I believe it’s impossible but don’t hold me to that one. The reason I bring light to this question is that, if you are reading you are not focusing on what’s causing your stress. Therefore decreasing it!

I hope you found some of my best go-to ways to destress right now helpful and that you feel empowered to start tackling this common enemy. Remember to slow down, breathe, take it easy, and enjoy life!

Which tip are you going to start incorporating into your life? Do you already use these methods?

Let me know in the comments below or follow and comment on social media!

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